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Our story

Studio 464, is a Parisian based ceramics  brand, founded by two friends, Meriem and Guila, whose paths crossed in architecture school in Paris. 


Driven by the same passion for interior design and tableware art, they designed a first collection of ceramics with colorful and joyful accents, rooted in mediterranean influence. 

Our values

Through our origins, Provence, Morocco and Tunisia are the places that cradled our childhood.


Bathed in Mediterranean culture, where family feasts frequently led to discussions where several languages were intertwined, we learned the essence of hospitality, which often meant that at any time of the day, a lunch or a dinner could be improvised with more people than chairs available but always as much love. So the plates, often mismatched, collided on the table, and in no time it was covered with a thousand colorful dishes and delicious meals.

It is this spirit, these colors, this warmth that we wanted to transmit through our collection of tableware handmade in Portugal, hoping that your tables will be as joyful as those anchored in our memories.


Our craftsmen

The choice of Portugal was almost obvious given the deep anchoring of the art of ceramics in the history of Portugal with several emblematic figures such as Rosa Ramalho or Maria Keil.

Each of our pieces is handcrafted in a family workshop located in the south of Portugal which produces the ceramic cookies on site and then paints them by hand.

We are fortunate to see our designs come to life thanks to the talent of the craftsmen with whom we work in close collaboration on colors, shapes and finishes to offer you a high quality product rooted in the tradition of Portuguese ceramics.

Our engagements

We have set up a short production cycle and we strive to use environmentally friendly packaging. We also offer a pick-up point in Paris to favor hand delivery to all our neighbors in Paris and the nearby suburbs.

In addition, opting for artisanal ceramic tableware means choosing a product made from natural resources. Steeped in tradition, a hand-painted ceramic, is created in small batches, and we designed them to last forever, so you can pass them on from one generation to another.

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